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8 Jan 2023
Maybe you hadn't even planned to become an influencer. But now you have a lot of followers on TikTok as well as Instagram and companies are starting to get in touch with offers of collaborations. It can go quickly from being active in social media as a hobby to starting to make money from it. What do you do if you don't have a business and have no idea how the F tax works?

Can I work as an affiliate without a company?

First of all, you should know that you don't need to start a business just before you start selling on social media. It is not certain that this is a trend that will last. It can be quite time-consuming to start a company and learn how to issue and register invoices.

Start instead with Gigapay to grow your income from social media on; a legal way. This is a service that many influencers use precisely because it is flexible and safe.

With Gigapay you can:

  • Accept a collaboration.
  • Send invoice via Gigapay
  • Få paid from Gigapay less tax and other fees

The method is easy to implement; and very safe. You use the bankID when you log in and issue your invoice to the customer with Gigapay. In addition, you can rely on that tax and social security contributions are paid in så that you avoid troublesome questions from the Swedish Tax Agency.


Affiliate marketing working hard on computer

Multiple channels but one payment method

You can be active onå Youtube, TikTok and Facebook at the same time. A collaboration with a company that wants to be seen in your channels can therefore be very successful; intensive and multifaceted. It includes everything from movies to articles.

In addition, it can be soå that you have several collaborations on times at the same time. Då does it apply to keeping things in order; income. If it has happened quickly, it can be very nice to use a service like Gigapay for all invoices. Då do you know exactly how it works and you can alsoå rely on that nothing is missed.

Advantages of invoicing for private individuals

There are several advantages to letting Gigapay help you with invoicing as a private person. When you want to start collaborations with companies as an affiliate, you must be able to receive payments and issue receipts for their accounting.

If this does not work onå in a flexible way, there is the risk of companies withdrawing. Då you can miss income. Today it is very pass usual to shoot invoicing on this wise. No one will find it strange that you don't run your own company.

Other benefits of third party invoicing are:

  • It is quick to take payment
  • You withdraw your income quickly
  • You don't need to do paperwork
  • It is legal and safe

With Gigapay it is alsoå easy to do international collaborations because they work with companies and influencers all over the world. It is perfect for those of you who have a channel that may be of interest to foreign followers.

Costs for assistance with invoicing

It is clear that you cannot bring invoicing for influencers for free. After all, this is a service. Someone else has to take care of collecting payments, paying taxes for you and making sure you get your payment on time.

For this, you have to pay a fee for 4% to Gigapay. You will alwayså to get a payout minus 4% of the amount you have withdrawn. Tax and social security contributions are also deducted. of and you get the whole thing accounted for in connection with your payment.

Your customer, that is, the company that wants to pay to appear in your channels, for a legal invoice and a receipt for bookkeeping. You only need to key in the details for payment with Gigapay and indicate whether you want to receive make the payment with Swish or Bank transfer.

When you see på the cost you should think about; what you save with this arrangement. Especially when you may not be sure about how you will continue to work as an influencer. It may be well worth paying for the help until you know if you want to run a company on; own hand or not.


Drafting an invoice

When is it time to handle the invoicing yourself?

Most people come to a breaking point where; there is brainpower and time to take care of the invoicing on; own hand. You learn to recognize when this happens. But it's not something you need to think about; very på då you mostly test life as an influencer and discover how easy it is to make money on; social media with affiliate collaborations.

What you should be aware of is that you have to pay tax even for a small gift or service that you receive. And it doesn't matter if you advertise the product or the service. If you give away products that you receive, they must also; be reported.

The rules mean that you really have to be careful with the benefits you get via your social channel. After all, it only takes a small gift from a company that you pick up from the post office for you to become liable for tax. When you get help with invoicing from a payment service such as Gigapay; do you have time to familiarize yourself with what applies.

Då you realize that you know what applies and don't think it's difficult at all to take care of invoicing and receipts. own hand, it's time to manage this yourself. You can first get advice for the type of company you should run, but basically it's not so much; complicated.

With a good start, you have been able to focus more on collaborations thereå you got help with the invoicing like this; you have a lot to build on. Så don't be afraid to test your wings as an influencer with real income on; social media!

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