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8 Jan 2023
Why should you work with affiliate marketing as an advertiser? It is a question you should have an answer to before starting collaborations with websites, video channels and influencers.

7 reasons to use affiliate marketing as advertising

Why should you work with affiliate marketing as an advertiser? It is a question you should have an answer to; before starting collaborations with websites, video channels and influencers. Affiliate marketing is very popular because the method is simple for everyone involved. Let's take a look at 7 reasons to start working with affiliates as advertisers.

1. Affiliate marketing is cost effective

This is one of the main reasons to start working with affiliate marketing. You don't have to pay for advertising that doesn't sell. This is because you basically only pay for the sales opportunity.

As an advertiser, it is you who decides how much commission to give. This can alsoå vary between different partners. When you see that there is reason to offer a little more to bring appears onå a blog, website or in videos så can you claim the commission and vice versa.

As an advertisement, your costs are:

  • The time you spend on to find the right channels and partners for your business
  • Any gifts you want to give to get more attention
  • Time onå communication with influencer or person behind website or Youtube channel
  • Commission you pay for selling

Then it may first be so; that you want to produce image material and other things that your affiliates can use. This leads to your campaign to see så as uniform as possible. It can be wise to use nice and correct pictures on; a website rather än copies found online onå different places.

But even if we imagine that you spend a lot of time on to create good visual material as well as to find the right collaboration partner; to become affiliate marketing a very cost-effective method. You have very fine control over your expenses and your profit margin.

2. You take no risks with affiliate marketing

It is you who decides who will bring; show your products and recommend you. You also decideå how much you will pay for each sale and what you want to give as gifts. So you really take no risk with this method.

Furthermore, you can end collaborations that you are not satisfied with at any time. In addition, you can have clear rules for where your products and services are displayed.

3. You can sell targeted

Perhaps you have already carried out a market research and therefore know exactly who your target group is. With affiliate marketing, you can be precise and only appear where your target group is. You can choose with tweezers on; a way that allows you to really sell in a targeted manner and get much more out of every ad and link that is published.

4. Your brand name reaches more

With affiliate marketing, your brand can reach much longer than if you only use the traditional marketing methods. Something that often happens at blogs and even social media means that people share what they like. På så how can you nowå far beyond the blog itself that you collaborate with.

5. You reach new target groups

Even if you choose a certain website or influencer, you are a good match in terms of target group; should you know that this collaboration can ultimately lead to you reaching new target groups that you didn't even think about. This is part of the power of sharing. Spreading takes place on a natural sweet that more people who may have an interest in what you sell discover you and your business.

If you are looking for new customers and don't want to spend a lot of money on a new market analysis, affiliate collaborations can give exactly the same results. The difference lies in the fact that this happens on a more organic way. In addition, it may take a little longer to discover how you have reached a new target group such as; it is important that you are aware of what is happening with your marketing on blogs and websites.

6. Öoverview and analysis äis easy

The beauty of affiliate programs is that you, as an advertiser, can keep track of how it all happens. You can see how much traffic those you partner with are sending you with their links. This makes it much easier to calculate what you actually earn from; affiliate marketing.

With analysis and tracking tools, you can alsoå adjust and make sure you choose collaborations that are rewarding. You can alsoå on the contrary, terminate or simply ignore collaborations that do not lead to sales.

7. Öed product awareness

You want your brand to be recognized and there; äis it really smart to be seen online onå strategic locations. Äeven if a person clicks onå an affiliate link that leads to you not buying så have they noticed your business.

The next time the person clicks on your online store så Is it with a feeling of recognizing the brand and the store. There is something that can increase the chance of buying. Product awareness is an important parameter of successful marketing and that is exactly what you get with the help of affiliate marketing.


As an advertiser, it is easy to get started with more sales via various online channels. You can choose websites that you think fit with your brand. You can alsoå work with influencers who are active in social media. Sometimes it's about combinations and sometimes you might want to collaborate with another company whose business is related to your product.

Affiliate marketing is cost-effective and rarely leads to you reaching new target groups. Your investment is minimal and the risk is the same. Thus, it should be self-evident that you can earn a lot by affiliate marketing. It's what many would call a no brainer!

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