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8 Jan 2023
How can you ensure that you are seen in the right place and at the right time? Today, companies spend a lot of money on market research to find and understand target audiences. But there is an easier way and it is spelled affiliate marketing.

You decide who markets your brand

Unlike telephone sales; Is affiliate marketing a safe bet when it comes to the representation of your brand and your business. You can personally contact people who have websites or social media channels that are known to be suitable for providing advice. collaborations.

In addition, you may be contacted by people who believe they have perfect channels for your product or service. But regardless of how this happens, It's always you who's in control. Your product darkness will only appear where you want it to appear!

How do you choose the right channels and collaborations?

The obvious question is how to know about a website or video channel at first. Youtube will be an asset to your business. How can you determine if a certain website, blog or video channel will improve your sales?

It is important to first that there are never any guarantees that a website or influencer will follow you. But there are some steps you can take to investigate the likelihood of this.

Take a look atå:

  • Readers and followers. Who will see the links to your store or the presentations of your products? If this is a target group for you then There is a chance that there will be sales.
  • Commitment. Take a look at how interactive a channel is. If it is about social media or a Youtube channel, you can take a look at comments and shares. When it is shared and commented on extensively, it shows that it is about a popular channel. When followers and learners are interested, ökar alsoå the chance that they will take the recommendations for your products on seriously.
  • Reputation. When it comes to an influencer especially; äis it not soå hard to find out reputation and how the person is perceived. If this resonates well with your brand, can it fit perfectly? Websites and blogs also haveå rumours. Here you can also judgment of the commitment and number of readers or followers. When many people come to read more and also ask questions or comment such; Is it likely that the influencer or blog has credibility. It's a key word for affiliate marketing success!
  • Traffic. If you are going to cooperate with a website that markets your products, Is it important that this site has traffic? There are tools for this such as SimilarWeb, Alexa Traffic Rank, Ahrefs and SEMrush.

You can also ask to receive a report showing current traffic and for which keywords. If many people come to the site to get know more about fashion and beauty soå It is a good fit for you who sell products in this area.

When you find an influencer or a website that is right for your industry, communication between you is very important. This means that the person who will work as an affiliate for you is responsible for the message and appearance of your business.

If you have special requirements for how your products are described and displayed, you can explain it to your new partner. But sometimes it can be wise not to control this too much. Spontaneous posts that are not governed by a certain type of language or form rules can have a greater effect.

It is important to have clear goals

Before you start a collaboration with an influencer or website so It is important that you have created a plan for this. You should have counted on; how much commission to give for sales and if you want to pay more for reviews and tests of your products.

When you set goals for the collaboration such as; you get full control over costs now and in the future. By keeping an eye on how it goes with the collaboration, you can decide to expand it or, on the contrary, to put it down so that it doesn't hurt; much as you imagine.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you can adjust the levels yourself. With certain channels, you may have a more passive collaboration in the form of affiliate links that give the sales opportunity då and there. With others, you invest more in to sponsor content and appear before it proves to be effective.

Give it all some time before judging the results

It may seem that affiliate marketing is a quick thing where you can immediately decide if it pays off or not. Although really så It's not easy. It may take some time before your investment in a certain influencer or website yields a return.

Sometimes your brand must appear several times and in several posts and videos before you start getting traffic. in inquiries from people who noticed this. Sometimes a collaboration can be something that grows from the occasional sales opportunity to one of your most important sources of new customers.

Goodwill is something that is felt and spread

It is good that you get full control over your profit margins through collaborations because you set the commission and only pay there; something for sale. But it is also important to first the effect of goodwill.

When you are generous and let new partners test your products like this; Chances are they will create very positive content about your product. Have you found a really good website or an influencer that fits perfectly with your brand and company profile? can it pay to send several products and also offer a high commission.

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